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In addition to their service as estate planning and probate administration lawyers, attorneys Patricia (Pat) Gormely Prince and Shaheen Imami are well-recognized by clients at Prince Law Firm in Detroit and by attorneys throughout Michigan's legal community as authors and speakers on estate planning, tax planning, probate, and probate litigation. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys, contact our Bloomfield Hills office to make arrangements for a consultation.

Inheritance Expectations and Economic Downturns
Of the many generalizations attached to baby boomers, one piece of common wisdom has been that they stand to inherit a great deal of wealth from their Greatest Generation parents. The onslaught of bad news that accompanied the Great Recession and other factors has tempered that outlook, and the estate planning implications of this development are worth noting.

Michigan Guardianship and Conservatorship: The Basics
All families must eventually confront issues about the future of vulnerable loved ones. New parents must consider their preferences for a child's care as part of the estate planning process, and adult children may be confronting an aging parent's inability to make medical or care decisions, handle financial details or manage a household.

Undue Influence: One Basis for Contesting a Will or Trust in Michigan
Will contests and trust contests occur for many reasons, from a family member's concern with being left out of a parent's estate plan to a complex disagreement over a deceased loved one's specific intent about a particular asset.

Estate Planning: A Decade by Decade Primer
Every adult should pay attention to three pearls of wisdom about estate planning. First, you are never too young to start formalizing decisions about your future and the legacy you will someday leave behind.

Preserving a Digital Legacy: Estate Planning in the Age of Facebook
As people handle more and more of life's affairs on the Internet, new categories of assets and information must be considered in any comprehensive... read more

Michigan Trust Code Enacted
On April 1, 2010, the Michigan Trust Code (MTC) will take effect, updating Michigan's law regarding trusts... read more

How to Contest a Will or Trust
Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your decision to contest your loved one's will or trust, it is advisable to consult with an attorney with experience in probate litigation... read more

A Comparison of Wills and Trusts
There are several key differences between wills and trusts as instruments created to transfer property, making each desirable for different reasons depending on an individual's particular situation... read more

History and Overview of the Federal Estate Tax
The federal estate tax is defined by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax on the right to transfer property at death... read more

Fiduciary Obligations Related to Estate Planning and Administration
Fiduciaries have certain legal obligations to the estate's beneficiaries, including a duty of care and duty of loyalty. If a fiduciary violates these duties, he or she may face civil or disciplinary action... read more

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