Our Detroit Attorneys Know Living Wills

A Michigan last will and testament is a powerful instrument, and your last opportunity to express your wishes or make a statement to those you care about. In fact, under the current state and federal tax law it may be all you need to effectively provide for and protect your family.

Create A Last Will And Testament

Many clients at Prince Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills are told by their lawyer that, in combination with a health care power of attorney (Michigan does not formally recognize a living will) and durable power of attorney, a will provides an adequate and effective estate plan.

Contact our office to make arrangements for an initial consultation about your Michigan will. A lawyer with extensive experience in estate planning will explain why it is essential that every adult have a current and carefully drafted will in place.

Your Will Is Only Going To Be Used Once - Our Attorneys Will Be Sure Yours Speaks Clearly

At our Greater Detroit law firm we focus on one area of the law, although it is a pretty big area. As estate planning attorneys we never hand a client a one-size-fits-all will to sign. Instead, we carefully design and create a will to effectively speak on your behalf, post-death. In probate litigation our attorneys have seen the problems caused by poorly designed, cookie-cutter wills and trusts. We are committed to providing excellent service to every client and our goal is to help you avoid a will contest. We can help you explore all your options, such as joint and mutual wills and pour-over wills; we can even consider less-common solutions, such as a contract to make a will.

Designate Your Children's Guardian, Your Heirs, And The Way In Which Your Estate Should Be Distributed

It is difficult to imagine not being there for your children, but through your will you can designate a guardian and conservator to care for your children in the event of your death, and make sure that a certain relative (who shall remain nameless) is kept as far away as possible.

Your will is your last opportunity to leave a message to those you care about and direct the distribution of your assets and personal property. In your will, you appoint a personal representative to manage the administration of your estate. Our attorneys can help you ensure the correct people are appointed to oversee your estate and care for your children.

Take The Time To Draft A Will — We're Here To Help

If you die intestate — without a will — your estate will pass as determined by the Michigan Legislature, which might not be what you wanted. That is never the best solution. By taking the time now to draft a will you will provide your family with greater comfort and predictability in the event of your death.

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