Oakland County Lawyers Handling Contracts To Make Wills

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What Is A Contract To Make A Will?

One of the issues our clients sometimes face is called "contract to make a will." This is a contractual arrangement that details a person's right to:

  • Make a will
  • Not to revoke a will
  • Die without a will

In some cases, a contract to make a will is called a testamentary contract. This means that the testator is essentially making a contract with the named executor or administrator of the estate. The contract details that the executor or administrator will perform actions related to the estate that are according to your exact, written wishes. The executor or administrator is in essence the other party to the contract, even though they do not have to sign it or even accept it.

A contract to make a will, or a testamentary contract, does not arise with most simple estate plans. However, when assessing your facts and goals, our firm may conclude it is in your best interest to establish a contract to make a will in order to ensure that your wishes are preserved, along with your property and assets.

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