Mutual And Joint Will Attorney In Detroit

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Two types of wills that may be explored are called joint wills and mutual wills. If you are seeking the establishment of a joint will, mutual will or other type of will, contact a lawyer at our firm today.

Understanding Joint Wills

Contrary to its name, a joint will is a single document executed by more than one person, such as a husband and wife. This affects a relation to each signatory's property on his or her death unless the will is canceled throughout their lifetime. Though is it a solo document, the joint will is a separate distribution of property by each executor and will be treated appropriately on admission to probate.

About Mutual Wills

Mutual wills are two or more wills that are reciprocally binding, so that after the first death the survivor's ability to dispose of his or her property is restricted by the terms of agreement (will) he or she made with the deceased. Typically, these types of wills have played a significant role in guaranteeing that property passed to children of a marriage rather than a widow or widower's spouse in a situation where there has been a remarriage.

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