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Revoking power of attorney in Michigan

Michigan residents can fall ill in a number of situations. Often, an illness is just a passing discomfort. However, there are situations where a person can suffer from a degenerative illness that makes it difficult for the person to make decisions. A person may need help making financial decisions or healthcare-related decisions as the person fights through the illness.

Additionally, a sudden injury can incapacitate a person. During this incapacitation, a person may need help making medical decisions and managing his or her finances.

In either case, a power of attorney can be executed in order to give another person the ability to make these types of decisions. With the help an "attorney-in-fact," a person can be can rest assured that the person's needs will be met.

However, some people will not recover from their illnesses. Sadly, many will succumb to their illness or injuries and pass away. When this occurs, a person who has been given the power of attorney will see their rights revoked.

Under Michigan probate laws, when a principal dies, the power of attorney is revoked from the attorney-in-fact. However, this revocation does not begin until will be attorney-in-fact has been notified of the principal's death.

This means that if the attorney-in-fact acts on behalf of the principal, these actions will be binding until the attorney-in-fact has been notified of the principal's death. This applies as long as the attorney-in-fact is acting in good faith to make decisions on behalf of the principal.

Understanding complex estate planning and probate laws such as those surrounding the power of attorney is important for every Michigan resident. People need to plan for the unexpected and have these legal protections in place. For more information about the power of attorney, Michigan residents can turn to an experienced estate planning attorney.

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