Understand how a power of attorney can work for you

| Dec 11, 2015 | Powers Of Attorney |

Michigan residents need to plan for the good times and the bad. People spend their entire lives making plans for what they will do today, tomorrow or next month. They make detailed lists about what they need to purchase each week, or what they need to get for a special occasion.

However, with all this daily planning, Michigan residents often forget that they need to plan for other important events in life. In particular, people need to plan for emergencies and for the unexpected. People also need to make a plan for what should happen to their assets in the event that they pass away.

It can be difficult to think about planning for the unexpected. It can even be unpleasant to think about your own death. However, it is important to make these decisions while people are able, so that in times of need there’s no question about what should be done.

A power of attorney is just one way that people can help protect themselves and their families in a time of crisis. With the power of attorney in place, people can ensure that their medical and financial decisions can be made even if they are incapacitated. This can ensure that people have the help they need if they can no longer make decisions on their own.

Setting up a power of attorney is not like planning for weekly groceries. It is a complicated legal process that may require one to consider the aid of a qualified attorney. The attorneys at our firm have helped Michigan residents with all of their estate planning needs. We have also helped people understand the importance of a power of attorney and put the right documents in place.

We have experience working with individual clients to come up with a plan that can help acjive that individual’s goals. No two situations are identical, and therefore no two estate plans can be identical. Our attorneys can take a variety of important factors into consideration to help people with decisions about their futures. For more information about our law firm and how we can help people with their estate planning needs, please see our website.