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Make sure your will is ready for the unforeseen

Life is full of unforeseen circumstances. No one really knows what will happen today, tomorrow or well into the future. People can only try to be as prepared as possible for adverse events. While older adults may be prepared for their death, many younger adults are not. Thinking about a person's own death is not often pleasant. Instead, people want to push that possibility to the back of their minds and worry about it later. However, when it comes to estate planning this can be a mistake.

Individuals in Michigan need to have their estates in order no matter what their age. An important part of estate planning is creating a will. With the right will in place, individuals can make their final wishes known. Not only can individuals designate where their assets should go following their death, but people can also make their wishes known about their children.

It can be difficult to think about leaving children without a mother or father. However, without a will in place, the fate of the children is left up to state law instead of the parents' own wishes. Once a parent has passed, it is impossible for that parent's wishes to be carried out unless estate planning documents are in place.

Drafting a will is not something that people do on a daily basis. Therefore, it can be difficult to understand the legal and technical requirements that must be fulfilled in order for the will to be valid. Also it may be difficult for people to know exactly what needs to be included in the will in order to cover up all unforeseen possibilities. Therefore, individuals need to consider hiring an attorney to draft these documents.

The attorneys at the Prince Law Firm, on the other hand, understand the practical and legal information that must be included in a will. Our compassionate attorneys can work with individuals to understand their final wishes and draft a legally binding will to meet them. We can leave people with peace of mind knowing that their family will be taken care of should the unforeseen occur. For more information about our law firm and about drafting wills in Michigan, please see our wills webpage.

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