Estate planning for modern life

| Apr 28, 2016 | Estate Administration & Probate |

Estate planning takes on many different forms depending on the individual needs of the person. Each person can have different estate planning goals and desires when it comes to how they want their assets distributed following their death. Thankfully, there are many different ways that estate planning can be undertaken. In our modern society, it may be important to use many different estate planning tools in order to meet the goals that the individual has in mind.

Reaching estate planning goals can be difficult if people do not understand all of their options available to them. People need to understand how they can best use and distribute their assets. They also need to understand how to take advantage of Michigan laws in order to minimize tax liability and protect their families.

While the probate court has been in place for a long time, many tools need to be adapted for use with today’s technological lifestyle. People cannot forget about their digital assets, for example, and other estate planning tools that have been created for modern life.

The attorneys at Prince Law Firm understand how individual’s assets can influence a person’s decision to use certain estate planning tools. Our attorneys can carefully craft an individualized plan for Michigan residents. We can help individuals look at their assets and determine exactly how they need to be distributed in order to reach their goals. For some individuals this might mean creating a will but for others it may mean a series of trusts.

Our attorneys can help people decide how to best use estate planning tools to their advantage. For more information about estate planning in Michigan and about our law firm, please see our estate planning webpage.