Understanding your role as estate administrator

| Aug 25, 2016 | Estate Administration & Probate |

Estate planning is extremely important for Michigan residents. It helps to ensure that people have a plan for their assets in the event of their death. With the proper estate plan in place, people can help their families avoid unnecessary taxes and a long probate process. This can be immensely helpful following a person’s passing.

However, estate planning is only one part of the process. Once a person dies, the estate administration process begins. This is the process of settling the person’s estate including collecting any income and paying any debt. It also includes distributing assets and dealing with the probate court, if necessary.

An estate administrator is responsible for overseeing the estate administration process. This can be a difficult and legally technical position. There are many steps that must be fulfilled and in a particular order so that the estate can make it through the probate process. Depending on the estate planning documents this can be an easy or a difficult task for the administrator.

It is, therefore, important that an estate administrator understand all of the person’s important duties and responsibilities. With this full understanding, people can most easily complete the probate process.

The attorneys at our law firm have a firm grasp on estate planning and administration laws in Michigan. We can help people effectively plan their estates to make the process as easy as possible for an estate administrator. We can also help estate administrators walk through the probate process. For more information about our law firm and estate administration in Michigan, please see our website.