Removing a personal representative

| Oct 14, 2016 | Estate Administration & Probate |

There are many responsibilities that people take on over the course of their lifetimes. Many of these, people take very seriously and carry out with great care. There are, however, other times when people do not take their responsibilities as seriously as they should. Or, times when people are just physically unable to complete something that they have been appointed to.

One serious responsibility that a Michigan resident may be responsible for is being a personal representative for another person’s estate. When appointed in this role, people have to take on a variety of important financial and legal obligations. They must oversee the estate administration process and ensure that it goes smoothly. If this person does not take the job seriously then there are cases when the personal representative can be held legally responsible. There are instances where a personal representative in Michigan needs to be removed from the position. Under Michigan laws, this is possible.