Helping you through the will drafting process

| Jun 8, 2017 | Wills |

There are few tasks that Michigan residents can complete that are as important and effective as drafting a will. While this can be a difficult process to initiate, especially for younger individuals, it is a crucial step to take. A will is a powerful document and is one of the only ways to legally express your wishes following your death or incapacitation. Thus, taking the time to carefully construct this document is imperative.

Although thinking about death is unpleasant, this is no reason to rush the process. In fact, the will drafting process requires individuals to consider many aspects of their life and what they intend in the future. This can take some time to finalize. At our law firm, our goal is to make the will drafting process as painless as possible. We do our best to understand the needs and desires of our clients, ensuring these wishes are memorialized in the legal document.

A will is just a portion of an estate plan, and many documents often supplement a will. By understanding the specific needs of our clients and noting any changes in circumstances, our law firm may be able to assist you with will drafting and modifications. Additionally, we can help you with any important steps you might need to take, such as drafting a health care power of attorney, durable power of attorney or updating your accounts to match the beneficiaries in your will.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s wills website. Whether you are considering including a will in your estate plan, dealing with issues of undue influence or seeking to ensure that your assets will be transferred to your heirs without the probate process, at our law firm we do our best to help our clients determine their rights and options in the matter.