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Less obvious signs of undue influence to watch for

As you get older in Michigan, you may need to rely more on others to continue enjoying your quality of life. This can make you susceptible to manipulation and undue influence.

You may not recognize when someone is manipulating you to their benefit. Undue influence is a form of abuse and financial exploitation. Encourage your loved ones to keep watch for the following signs so they can take action to prevent a manipulator from unreasonably benefiting from your estate. 

Medication withholding 

Chances are you may need to take medications to maintain good health. Undue influence becomes an issue if people start withholding your medications until you do things such as give them money, add them as an authorized user to your bank accounts or write them into your will. Not taking your medicine as prescribed and remaining under the pressure and stress of a manipulator is dangerous to your health. It also compromises the veracity of your estate plan documents and legacy

Threats and mind games 

Manipulators are not above using physical and emotional threats to get what they want. You may have a relative or caregiver who threatens to do physical harm to you or a family member or play games with you emotionally to get you to change your estate planning documents. Not all threats are easy to recognize. There is also the possibility that you may become too afraid to speak up. If you feel threatened by anyone in your life who then brings up your estate plans, you should inform the authorities and trusted family members for help. 

Sudden and unexpected relationships 

Not all manipulators come in the form of caregivers and close relatives. Sometimes the culprits are romantic interests. There is nothing wrong with dating and remarrying later in life. But you should make sure your family and close friends meet and get to know your significant other before you marry and include that individual in your estate plans.

As you age, you may become more susceptible to outside influences from people who do not necessarily have you or your family‚Äôs well-being in mind. Be on guard against coercion and manipulative individuals, and encourage your loved ones to help you protect yourself and legacy.

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