Helping you draft a will that meets your needs

| Sep 27, 2019 | Wills |

For some, thinking about the future comes natural to them. They have certain hopes and desires, and they want to takes steps to ensure that these fall into place and are protected. In contrast, some individuals in Michigan and elsewhere do not like thinking too far into the future, especially if it means thinking about their demise. Because death is a part of life, it is often something one needs to consider, even at a young age. This is why drafting a will can be a very important step to take, as it can memorialize one’s wishes in writing when it comes to their property and assets and what will happen to them after their death.

The attorneys at Prince Law Firm are dedicated to helping individuals in the Detroit area understand how important a living will can be. This legal instrument allows one to express their wishes, making a statement to those they care about at the time of their death. Our goal is to help our clients memorialize these wishes in writing.

A living will is often much more than a will listing whom they devise their property to. It can include a health care directive and power of attorney. Our law firm takes the time to explain the benefits of a will, as well as other estate planning steps. It is our goal to meet the needs of our clients, helping them make well-informed decisions.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s wills website. The will drafting process is different and unique for each individual. This is why our law firm takes the time to look at all the factors and circumstances surrounding an individual or couple. And in situations where a will needs to be updated, we pay close attention to these details, ensuring that the wishes of our clients are met.