Preserving one’s voice through a healthcare power of attorney

| Oct 17, 2019 | Powers Of Attorney |

Medical crises can be emotionally taxing on Michigan families. When an individual loses their ability to communicate their healthcare wishes, those who are closest to them can feel the stress of not knowing what to do to protect their ailing relative’s wishes. For some, ensuring that every life-saving effort is made to protect their health is important. To others, a dignified and natural death may be preferred.

Many individuals include a healthcare power of attorney in their estate plan. These documents grant specific individuals the right to make decisions regarding the testator’s medical care and provide instructions to them. A healthcare power of attorney only becomes relevant when the testator becomes incapacitated and unable to make their own healthcare decisions.

A healthcare power of attorney can be an incredibly important document to not only protect a person’s wishes regarding their healthcare but also to preserve the peace between their loved ones. When faced with a medical crisis, family members may strongly disagree about what the affected individual would want if they were able to choose their medical care for themselves.

Conflicts between family members over the care of an incapacitated loved one can lead to legal battles, broken relationships, and ongoing family hostilities. The creation and execution of a healthcare power of attorney may go a long way in helping a person avoid these and other detrimental problems that can arise when incapacitation affects them. This post is offered as information only and readers should seek their own legal advice.