Going through the probate process in Michigan

| Nov 29, 2019 | Estate Administration & Probate |

Probate court can seem like a mystery to many Michigan residents. After all, going through the probate process may be the first exposure a person has with the court system. But, when the need to go through this process arises, taking the right steps and having all the right information about one’s legal options can make the process go smoother.

Most estates come with a bit of complexity, but, in Michigan, most are likely to go through what is known as unsupervised probate. This means that the probate court will not step in and review every little detail of how the estate is administered but will instead leave the process to the estate administrator. In the best-case scenarios, estates that are ushered through unsupervised probate can be concluded within about six months or so.

However, Michigan also has supervised probate, in which a probate court must approve most of the steps in the estate administration process. In this process, which can be much more complicated, the parties who will be most impacted by the administration of the estate will need to be sure that they protect their legal options when they go before the probate court.

At our law firm, we work with clients who are going through both unsupervised and supervised probate processes. The impact of the administration of an estate can last for years, particularly from a financial perspective. Those who want more information about how to obtain legal assistance with the probate process may find our law firm’s website helpful.