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December 2019 Archives

The responsibilities of an executor in Michigan

When a friend or loved one asks you to act as the executor of their estate, it would be hard to say no. However, as just about anyone who has worked in estate administration and probate can tell you, most who say yes have no idea what they are committing themselves to.

Probate litigation: The collision of family and money

One of the best decisions a person can make when it comes to estate matters is to leave a Last Will and Testament, setting out their last wishes for the distribution of their assets. As any party who has ever participated in probate work can tell you, things do not always go as planned. Sometimes, they go worse than anyone could have ever imagined. We all want to believe that after we are gone, our loved ones will work together peacefully and respect one another. But, often, this doesn't happen.

The importance of an experienced estate attorney

There are few areas of the law where knowledge and experience are as important as they are in estate matters. Probate and estate planning are ever changing landscapes, affected by a number of laws and regulations. This is why you and your family should only trust an attorney with a proven track record of successful planning and probate litigation.

A family caregiver may need to seek guardianship, conservatorship

As they reach their elderly years, some Michigan residents may no longer be able to handle their personal affairs on their own. Some individuals may suffer a serious injury or illness, and others may develop conditions like Alzheimer's or dementia. For younger loved ones like you, it can be difficult to watch a parent or other older family member struggle.

Don't forget about unseen assets

Families in the throes of estate planning may sometimes forget about some assets, such as Medicare, retirement accounts, and Social Security. These are assets that can be very important down the road and could carry a lot of value within the estate. A wrong move in the consideration of such assets could have serious repercussions.

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