Important discussions to have before your parent passes away

| Jan 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Knowing that one of your parents is nearing the end of his or her life is not easy. At times, you may feel paralyzed by the idea of no longer having your loved one around, and other times, you may feel as if you need to go nonstop in order to ensure that everything is in order for when the time does come.

Of course, one of the most important actions during this time is to spend as much quality time with your parent as possible. Though you may not be able to do some of the activities you once enjoyed, you will certainly not regret the time you spend together now.

Discussing important matters

If the illness or condition that is affecting your parent has not yet reached his or her decision-making abilities, you may want to have some important discussions while there is still time. For example, you may want to encourage your parent to create an estate plan if he or she has not already done so. Taking this step could bring your parent and you some peace of mind as you will know exactly what he or she wanted in regard to important health care and estate matters.

Discussing and implementing plans for handling financial matters can also be a part of an estate plan. Your parent can appoint someone to handle his or her finances in the event that he or she becomes too incapacitated to do so. Certain estate planning documents can ensure that these appointments are legally binding.

Expressing love

In addition to encouraging estate planning, you can also take this time to hopefully prevent any lasting regrets after your parent’s passing. For instance, if an event has been on your mind for some time that you feel caused a rift in your relationship, you may want to take the time now to apologize, forgive or otherwise address it. You may also want to make sure you say “I love you” as often as possible. You can even reminisce about important parts of both of your lives.

Because you certainly want your parent’s wishes to be expressed correctly, you may want to contact a Michigan attorney who can answer questions, provide insight and help your parent during his or her estate planning journey. This type of assistance may prove invaluable later when the time comes to put those plans into action.