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April 2020 Archives

Understand the lookback period for long-term care planning

Many people don't think about the possible need for long-term care until it's too late. This type of care is costly, and most people won't be able to pay out of pocket for it. Instead, they'll need to have some measure of financial assistance for the costs that come with this type of care. Some individuals hope they'll be able to qualify for Medicaid, but ensuring this can happen may require some special planning.

Who's entitled to challenge a testator's will?

It's common for there to be some unhappy people once the contents of a testator's will are revealed after that individual dies. You must understand that not everyone is entitled to challenge a person's will, and they're not allowed to do so for just any reason either. Most jurisdictions only allow "interested parties," or creditors, spouses, children, heirs, devisees or any others who may a claim to the estate or property of the estate, to do so.

Know what assets don't belong in your will

Creating a will is a critical step in making your estate plan, but you don't have to include everything you own in the will. Instead, there are some specific things that don't have to be discussed in this document. It's imperative that you understand the distinction here so that you can focus on the things that should be included.

Knowing which assets will go through probate may help you plan

Many Michigan residents do not think that they need an estate plan. They may believe that their family will know what to do with their assets or that state laws will handle the distribution. While laws do exist for handling an estate without a will, that distribution may not align with your wishes. Additionally, more conflict could arise within the family if you do not create a plan yourself.

Patient advocates and advance directives in Michigan

One important decision you need to make today if you're at least 18 years old is who you want to appoint to make medical decisions for you if you're unable to make them for yourself. You can make your wishes known by doing two things. The first is writing out an advance directive. The second is naming a patient advocate, which is another term for a person who has a health care power of attorney for you.

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