Ensure estate is handled properly in Michigan

| May 28, 2020 | Estate Administration & Probate |

When a loved one from Michigan passes away, their family members have to deal with their final arrangements. An individual with has an estate plan in place will likely have named a personal representative. This person is responsible for making sure the decedent’s estate is probated properly. They have several duties that they must complete throughout the process.

We understand that it can be a challenge to figure everything out while you’re still dealing with your loss. Having an attorney probating the estate can ensure that everything is handled properly.

Much of the probate process is unsupervised here in Michigan. Regardless, the personal representative must pay off debts and transfer assets in accordance with the decedent’s will.

It is possible for the process to become supervised if someone has reason to believe that the personal representative isn’t handling it properly. When the case is under supervision, everything is reviewed by a judge. This helps to ensure that there aren’t any missteps.

As part of the estate administration process, you will have to pay off the outstanding debts of the estate, file the state and federal income taxes, find all of the heirs and distribute the assets as the decedent instructed. The probate process can’t be finalized until everything is completed. This may take six months for a simple estate, but it can take much longer if the estate is more complicated or all of the heirs can’t be located. We are here to help you throughout the probate process so that you are able to focus on healing from the grief of losing a loved one.