Avoiding mistakes strengthens your powers of attorney

| Nov 13, 2020 | Powers Of Attorney |

Our attorneys hope that you have already planned out your estate and included the documents that will best protect you and your heirs. If you are adding powers of attorney to your or a loved one’s estate plan, we applaud your efforts as many in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, fail to understand the value of these documents.

You can choose to add a healthcare power of attorney or financial power of attorney or both documents to shore up your existing estate plan. Whichever options you choose, we caution you to take steps ensuring that you do not make the following mistakes when drafting your estate planning documents.

  • Not reviewing your estate plan with care to determine if you need powers of attorney
  • Not providing simple yet detailed instructions in your legal documents
  • Not making sure your powers of attorney are flexible enough to account for unexpected events
  • Not choosing your designated agent or representative carefully
  • Not naming one or more others to act as your agent if your first choice cannot do so
  • Not reviewing and updating your powers of attorney each time your life circumstances change
  • Not engaging a legal professional to draft your documents or review documents you have already created

We realize that topics addressing incapacity and the end of life is uncomfortable for many people. Partnering with a law firm that understands your concerns as well as your needs can make the process of adding powers of attorney to your estate plan much smoother.

We welcome your inquiries if you wish to learn more. Our lawyers also encourage you to continue reviewing our legal blog and our website content to improve your understanding of good estate planning.