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Estate Administration & Probate Archives

Preparing an estate roadmap

After a person dies or becomes incapacitated, an heir or family members may have to engage in a scramble and search for important documents and assets. They may not know whether these documents are kept in a lawyer's office, a safe or a shoebox under the bed or have passwords to gain access to important information. An important part of estate planning is consolidating this important information in one place accessible and known to family members.

Estate planning survives tax cuts

Changes to the federal tax law effectively excludes 99.9 percent of all Americans from federal taxes by providing a $11.18 million estate exemption to single persons and $22 million to married couples. However, well-reasoned estate planning can help people in Michigan ensure that their inheritance will pass on as intended, lower the possibility of family disputes and reduce costly lawsuits.

James Brown's estate is legal muddle

Famed singer James Brown died on Christmas Day in 2006 but his estate, estimated from anywhere from $5 million to $100 million, is involved in at least 12 lawsuits. Estate administration is stymied and no money has been distributed to Brown's designated beneficiaries.

Estate planning prevents problems in life and death

Drafting four important documents and keeping them current is an essential part of estate planning that protects individual, allow them to take care of themselves when they are alive and provides protection for their heirs. Age or net worth are not barriers to having these documents.

Helping to ease the probate process

We do a wide variety of things to protect ourselves. We take precautions, make detailed plans, purchase insurance and even set up security systems. However, what about taking steps that also protect our loved ones at the same time. When it comes to your assets and property, it is important that these are passed on to the correct heirs and beneficiaries. Thus, wills and trusts are drafted to memorialize your wishes, ensuring that they occur at the time of your death.

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