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Estate planning is not only important for protecting your property and assets after your death. Some estate planning documents can also provide specific directions on how you wish to be cared for should you become unable to communicate your instructions.

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What Do Michigan’s Laws Say About Advance Health Care Directives?

One estate planning instrument that has become increasingly common is an advance health care directive. This document, similar to a living will, provides directions regarding health care in the event that the individual cannot speak for him or herself. You should know that Michigan law does not expressly provide for the use of advance health care directives or living wills, only for health care powers of attorney; however, there is no express prohibition either, so there is little harm in creating a document that details your desires and expectations.

What Does An Advance Health Care Directive Do? Should I Have One?

An advance health care directive can be as specific as you require. You also may appoint an individual who can make medical care decisions for you. This is known as creating a health care power of attorney. By giving a trusted loved one this power, you can ensure that not only are the terms of your advance health care directive followed, but that your best interests are looked after in the event that decisions have to be made that are not detailed in the directive.

No one knows what the future holds. Every person over the age of 18 should have an advance health care directive to plan for the future. In the event that you are incapacitated or unable to communicate your wishes, your directive or individual with health care power of attorney can speak for you.

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