Sophisticated Estate Planning Guidance For Blended Families

Blended families face unique challenges regarding estate planning. There are more beneficiaries to consider, more complications to anticipate and more disputes that may arise.

At Prince Law Firm, we assist individuals with blended families to create tailored, sophisticated estate plans. As one of Michigan’s premier law firms, we have the experience and knowledge to create estate plans for the most complex of circumstances. Additionally, we handle estate administration, probate and estate litigation.

Avoid Conflict With Our Clear Estate Plans

In blended families, estate plans have more potential for disputes. It is critical that your estate plan is crystal clear and has provisions to address possible contingencies. Our team will work with you to plan for conflicts that may arise. We will ensure that your last will and testament, power of attorney and other documents are airtight and perfectly outline your wishes.

Experienced Litigators At The Ready

With that said, we understand that some estate contests are simply unavoidable. If strategic negotiation does not resolve a dispute out of court, then we will not hesitate to proceed to trial. Our experienced litigators have attained numerous successful verdicts in court. Conversely, if you or another interested party needs to challenge a will, Prince Law Firm can represent you.

Talk To Our Estate Planning Attorneys

Whether you wish to create an estate plan, you need assistance with probate and estate administration, or you face a legal challenge, Prince Law Firm is here for you. Contact our office in Detroit to schedule an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney. To reach us, call 866-383-1125 or send an email today.