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Trustees risk mistrust

A trustee has the important duty of managing property for another person's benefit. Because this is an important position of trust and an obvious target in family disputes over trusts and estates, a trustee may face the risk of accusations of mismanagement or theft.

Estate planning for pets

Pet care is a lifetime responsibility that does not end with the death of their owners. The Humane Society, however, claims that 100,000 are left homeless each year after their owners died. Planning and the creation of well-drafted trusts helps assure that a trusted family member or friend will care for pets and can prevent the situations where pets were sent to shelters or even euthanized.

Never too early for an estate plan

Anyone with substantial property must consider how their assets such as home, brokerage account, retirement plan or savings account will be distributed after their death. Heirs who squander their inheritance or court battles are more likely without solid estate planning.

Trust used as an important estate-planning vehicle

It is common to want to pass on your belongings to your loved ones upon your death. But when it comes to your important financial accounts and property, you want to make sure this pass your assets along to your heirs and beneficiaries without any issues or pitfalls. One vehicle frequently used to address these problems is a trust. A trust can be a very important estate-planning document, making it important for individuals to understand what role it could play in their lives.

Helping you understand your options when it comes to trusts

Protecting your finances and safeguarding your loved ones are important steps to take in your lifetime. Individuals in Michigan could accomplish this through estate planning and by creating a trust that specifies their wishes. While the task might seem daunting and something that can be pushed until off later in life, it is certainly a step that should be taken as soon as possible.

How can changes in tax laws impact trusts?

Drafting and completing an estate plan is often looked at as an accomplishment. You may feel great that you were able to finalize something very resourceful that is very difficult to approach. However, just because you were able to initiate and complete the process does not mean that you do not need to revisit it again. In fact, if you have not touched your estate plan in the past few years, it is likely that your estate plan documents are no longer functioning the way you intended. Because tax laws can have an impact on trusts, these documents may need attention throughout the years.

Understanding the purpose of a marital trust

Getting married means making a wide variety of important decisions. And for some Michigan couples, it means protecting their future interests. While most married couples will go through the process of developing an estate plan together, this usually entails drafting a will and ensuring that their named beneficiaries match each other when it comes to specific assets and property. But what about taking steps to protect the other spouse in the event of one's own death? No matter what age one is or how long a marriage has lasted, it is important to take estate planning measures to protect the interests of both spouses in the event of incapacity or death.

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