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How to choose the right power of attorney

When you are working on your estate planning, it is important to choose the right power of attorney. The power of attorney's job and responsibility is to work on your behalf and make every effort to know you well enough to make decisions that you would have made, if you are in a condition where you cannot communicate or make your wishes known. This is especially important in terms of your living will, which documents your health care wishes if you become incapacitated.

When is it a good time to draft a power of attorney?

There are certain points in time where it is clear that an individual should take certain steps in life. But unlike some things that have defined ages, such as getting a driver's licenses and or when a couple can get married, drafting estate plan is much different. While some documents can come into play no matter what phase of life an individual in Michigan or elsewhere is in, others are more complex and more appropriate later in life or when the health of an individual is in question.

What is a durable financial power of attorney?

There are many parts of a person's financial life that can easily become a chore. Some of these duties are things that need to be managed on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. If these seemingly routine tasks are not carried out, though, there can be long-term consequences.

When can a patient advocate be designated in Michigan?

In Michigan, those who are seeking to have a patient advocate designated need to understand what the law says about this decision, and how it can be completed legally. If the proper rules are not followed, then it might be disallowed. A person who is 18-years-old or older and is deemed to be of sound mind when making the patient advocate designation can place another individual who is 18 or older to be in charge of various issues for the person making the designation. These include care, custody and treatment. The patient advocate will also have the right to donate parts of the person's body after death.

Choosing a medical power of attorney

Residents in Michigan are getting older. With old age come multiple medical issues. Many people will need to seek the care of medical professionals at some point in their lifetimes. Some may be unable to make their own decisions when it comes to their medical needs. When people are unable to make their own medical decisions, they may need someone to do that for them. If a person has a medical power of attorney, this can be a lot easier.

The potential for abuse with a power of attorney

When people face incapacitation in life it can be a real challenge. People have to learn to rely on others in order for their most basic needs to be met. This doesn't just include people's basic needs -- like housing or food -- but it also includes people's financial affairs. Elderly people, in particular, may need help managing their finances if they begin to lose the ability to help themselves.

What is a durable power of attorney?

Michigan residents can suffer from a variety of serious health issues. These issues can progress slowly or quickly and take away a person's ability to make decisions on the person's own behalf. When this happens, Michigan residents may need friends or family members to make important medical decisions for them. Otherwise, people may be left without being able to have a voice in their own treatment.

Understand how a power of attorney can work for you

Michigan residents need to plan for the good times and the bad. People spend their entire lives making plans for what they will do today, tomorrow or next month. They make detailed lists about what they need to purchase each week, or what they need to get for a special occasion.

Will the passage of time affect a power of attorney?

Michigan residents often need to give legal power to another individual for a specific purpose. This is particularly true for individuals who have a disability. In some cases, people only need to do this for a short amount of time. In other situations, people may need help for the duration of the disability. Often, signing a power of attorney to another individual can help to alleviate the person's struggles. With the power of attorney in place, an individual can rely on another to help make and execute important decisions.

Revoking power of attorney in Michigan

Michigan residents can fall ill in a number of situations. Often, an illness is just a passing discomfort. However, there are situations where a person can suffer from a degenerative illness that makes it difficult for the person to make decisions. A person may need help making financial decisions or healthcare-related decisions as the person fights through the illness.

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