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Dealing with litigation in the areas of trust and estate planning and probate can be difficult. Most trusts and estates settle with minimal intervention from the court, and many attorneys don’t handle trust or estate litigation. With our background as sophisticated estate planning attorneys, we at Prince Law Firm have the necessary experience to effectively handle any litigation.

Experience Matters In Appeals Cases

This experience, in turn, leads to our ability to provide knowledgeable appellate counsel when you need to appeal an issue that was enmeshed in litigation. We handle appeals for clients we currently represent or clients looking for new counsel after receiving a decision from a previous case. Our probate litigation lawyers’ experience enables them to quickly assess your facts and offer knowledgeable determination of the most effective appellate strategy. Contact us for more information on our appellate practice.

Should I Appeal?

Many different aspects of estate planning and probate may warrant appeals, including:

  • Will and Trusts Contests: After a lower court has made a ruling in a will or trust contest, it may be possible to appeal that decision if grounds upon which to file the appeal exist. Our firm can assess your initial will contest case and determine if an appeal is possible.
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships: After a guardianship or conservatorship has been created, not all parties may agree with the decision. It may be possible to appeal the guardianship or conservatorship decision and have the guardianship or conservatorship awarded to another person or rescinded altogether.
  • Heirs and Beneficiaries: When individuals are named as heirs or beneficiaries, there may be parties who have disagreement with the determinations. Our firm handles appeals when heirs and beneficiaries have been improperly named or the proper individuals have not been named at all.

Contact An Appellate Lawyer

We stay current on any relevant changes in Michigan state and federal tax and probate law that may bring about an appeal. Call us at 248-419-1968 or e-mail our firm to find out if your situation warrants an appeal.

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