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Probate litigation takes many different forms, all of which usually involve complex issues. One of these types of actions can arise if you believe that a personal representative, administrator, or executor of an estate or a trustee of a trust is not properly performing his or her duties — or if you are a person defending such a charge. This dispute is usually referred to as a breach of fiduciary duty cause of action and it can be part of a probate litigation lawsuit.

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At Prince Law Firm we have a strong estate planning and probate practice. We know the law and we understand how to pursue adversary actions − as well as how to defend against them. For more information about breach of fiduciary legal actions, please contact our Bloomfield Hills office to schedule a consultation with one of our probate lawyers.

At our firm, we handle all types of breach of fiduciary duty issues, such as:

  • Surcharge actions
  • Administration questions
  • Distribution challenges
  • Excessive compensation
  • Concealment of assets
  • Unequal treatment accusations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Failure to keep beneficiaries and other interested parties informed

As someone in charge of handling an estate you owe the beneficiaries and interested parties your undivided duty of loyalty. This includes being honest, acting in good faith, keeping people informed and updated, as well as handling matters related to the estate expeditiously. We can also help you avoid problems associated with failing to account for distributions or payments. We can make sure that you handle money and assets properly, ethically, and timely.

Do You Need Help Understanding And Fulfilling Your Obligations?

We can help anyone in these roles adhere to these standards and answer any questions you may have about how to perform your duties correctly or what to do when issues do arise concerning beneficiary rights. We can help you follow the directions in the documents related to administration of the estate or counsel you about how to follow Michigan law if the documents are silent on a specific matter or the document is wrong or goes against law or public policy.

Our attorneys can make sure you fulfill your duties related to reporting and keeping people reasonably informed. If there is a conflict of interest because you are also named as a beneficiary to the estate we can help you avoid or deal with accusations of a breach of fiduciary duty claim related to self-dealing.

Complex Cases Welcome

We can also help in the case where there are multiple fiduciaries and who has the authority to make certain decisions concerning the estate. This may involve actions in concert or adhering to a majority rules provision. We deal with breach of fiduciary duty cases related to the commission of trust fraud, as well as abusing powers granted to someone in a will.

We have written chapters on breach of fiduciary duty matters in numerous publications and for continuing education courses that some lawyers are required to take to maintain their licenses. Our probate litigation experience also makes us a trusted resource throughout Michigan. Our lawyers will investigate the conduct of the accused and help you gather evidence to prove they have mishandled a legal trust or will. We can also help people defend themselves against these allegations by showing that the contested behavior has no basis.

Prince Law Firm Offers Initial Consultations

We strive to maintain family relationships, if desired and possible, while making sure everyone is in compliance with the law and the deceased’s intent. We encourage you to contact us today — online, by phone at 248-419-1968 — to schedule a consultation. If you believe someone involved with the administering of an estate may have breached a fiduciary duty, or you need help making sure your actions are in compliance with the administration of an estate, we can help.

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